More than

thirty-one years of continuous experience

offering integrated translation services

Don’t let your unfamiliarity with the language matter

Stands in the way of your requirements


For brothers in the Arab world

You can request translation services from outside the Arab Republic of Egypt by emailing us

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Certified Translation

For most foreign embassies, government agencies and courts.

Efficient Translators

We have efficient and expert translators in all various fields.

Commitment to the deadline

In addition to that, we do our work with accuracy and punctuality.

Appropriate Rates

We also offer discounts for large quantities, and for students.


With more than thirty-one years of continuous experience

Since 1992, so, we can offer our customers all integral and distinguished translation with highest standards of quality, committing complying the deadlines, as well as , with appropriate rates, specially for the specialized books, whereas the office is accredited in front of all foreign embassies and governmental authorities.

Electronic media translation

Videos, CDs, audio recordings

Various specializations

Whether scientific, literary, financial and others


We provide you with accurate and correct translation for most languages


The office is accredited by foreign embassies and government agencies

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