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With more than twenty-eight years of continuous experience

Since 1992, so, we can offer our customers all integral and distinguished translation with highest standards of quality, committing complying the deadlines, as well as , with appropriate rates, specially for the specialized books, whereas the office is accredited in front of all foreign embassies and governmental authorities.
We are completely ready for offering all translation fields, such as legal, commercial, financial, medical, engineering, business plans, catalogs, marketing brochures, technical reports, personal papers, master's and doctoral dissertations.
In addition to the contracts and lawsuits, as well as extracted documents from the authorities , courts, and the real estate authority.
 It helps us to gain trust of our  customers, the various embassies and consulates which are existed in Egypt.
Our certified translators provide the best subtitling and of multimedia (videos, CDs, audio recordings), also they help researchers, and provide consultation in all fields of science, literature, patents and documents verifying in most languages